Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Foursquare Minefield

What's the best thing about social networking in the digital age?  Ease of stalking!

Let's take a look at Jessica G. and her Foursquare profile.  She has provided a photo, so I can recognize her should I see her.  She's the current mayor of the Boston University College of Communications, likely a student based on her age.  She's the mayor of 646 E. Brookside Lane,  a residential area in New Jersey (where she's also the major of a bagel shop), so this is likely her hometown and her family house.  Finally, she's the Mayor of "The 157," another residential area in Brookline, Massachusetts, much closer to school.  This is probably where she's living now.  Furthermore, she's listed it as a "gay bar," suggesting that the girl hugging her in her profile photo is probably her girlfriend.